Tracking down R Coronae Borealis stars : Candidates list from infrared selection (Tisserand et al., 2016)
Artist representation of a dusty in front of an RCB star
Rowan Karrer (screenshot of his RCB animation)
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Welcome to the first web site dedicated to tracking down R Coronae Borealis stars!

We aim to detect most RCB stars actually existing in the Milky Way and the Magellanic Clouds. We have selected 2356 Targets of Interest (ToI) from the infrared All-sky 2MASS and WISE surveys. The selection criteria and the first results based on a spectroscopic follow-up survey were published in two articles: Tisserand et al. 2016a and 2016b. This new approach to finding RCB stars is using their particular infrared spectral energy distribution as they are each surrounded by a warm and thick circumstellar dust shell.

We listed each candidate either in a Galactic or Magellanic target table. The user can search for a specific target using its name in the « search » functionality or directly clicking on it in its table. This website was made to gather and report information about each ToI, such as spectra, light curves, and charts. We will keep the website up to date with the given information.

From theoretical models, we expect that between 300 and 2000 RCB stars exist actually in the Milky Way. Only about 120 are known. Lets find the rest !

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